2015 Top Affordable Wedding Packages

Our affordable wedding packages are still the most in demand in our services list this 2015. Clients who are looking for a budget friendly wedding package are always choosing Pink Genius over other providers because of our unique mix of services that most of the couple’s are looking for.

And here’s the list of affordable wedding packages according to the number of inquiries that we receive since January 2015.

Our Wedding Packages

  1. Dream Wedding Package – 140,000 good for 100 guests
  2. Devotion Wedding Package – 85,000 good for 100 guests
  3. Affection Wedding Package – 70,000 good for 100 guests
  4. Sincerity Wedding Package – 98,000 good for 100 guests

Wedding venues are also a top question of new clients whenever they are asking about our affordable wedding packages. And to address this growing need we are going to release a new set of packages that will also include a reception venue for your big day. We are planning to release this 2nd quarter of 2015 and we will keep you posted.

You can check our facebook page to check our latest events: https://www.facebook.com/pinkgenius.ph


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